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FAQ: What is Carpet Protectant & How Does it Work?

Mar 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

FAQ: What is Carpet Protectant & How Does it Work?

Perhaps the biggest investments in your Fort Smith home are the carpet and flooring, which can get damaged or worn out from daily use. But thanks to Chem-Dry protectants (which can be applied during our carpet cleaning process) the life and performance of your carpets can be renewed, making them more resistant to inevitable soiling and staining. Here’s how carpet protectant works and why experts recommend it!

How Carpet Protectant Works

When you drop something on the carpet that’s been fortified with protectant, you can easily wipe up the spill. Without a protectant, spills soak right into your carpet fibers and become extremely difficult to remove.

Our PowerGuard protectant solution uses powerful co-polymers to penetrate and bind to the individual carpet fibers, preventing future staining and making vacuuming between our visits highly effective. This solution acts as an invisible shield for your carpet, which gives you more time to clean up spills before they cause a permanent stain. Ultimately, the protectant helps to eliminate abrasion on the carpet, which is a major cause of carpet deterioration.

Carpet protectants certainly do not act as a cure-all, but they do allow more time for cleaning wet spills and assist in vacuuming up dry messes.

Get Your Carpets Protected During a Carpet Cleaning in Fort Smith, AR

With protectants, you can defend your expensive carpets and help them last longer in between professional carpet cleanings in Fort Smith, AR. The protective solution we use is non-toxic, which means a cleaner, healthier, and safer home for you and your family. We recognize the value of your investment and want to make sure that it is protected. Maintain the dream home you have worked so hard to achieve with Chem-Dry’s carpet protectant!

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