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Avoid These Types of Rugs If You Own Pets

Jul 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Avoid These Types of Rugs If You Own Pets

We love our pets and would do anything for them, but we also love our furniture and home decor! Dog and cat owners know that pets can wreak havoc on any home item no matter how expensive it is. If you’re a future or current pet owner and looking to get a cozy new rug for your home, make sure you select a pet-friendly rug, and be sure to avoid these types of rugs below!

If you have a nice rug in your home that has pet urine stains or odors on it, don’t worry! Our pet urine removal treatment and area rug cleaning in Fort Smith, AR will take care of those problem spots for you.

Shag & Fringe Rugs

Shag rugs are fluffy and stylish, however, pets love playing with their fun, fur-like texture. Similarly, rugs with tassels or fringe also attract pets who love to play. If your dog or cat chews, paws, or pulls their toys, these types of rugs are essentially giant play toys for them. If you purchase either of these kinds of rugs, expect them to get heavily played with or chewed on.

High Pile Rugs

High pile rugs seem like a cozy option if you have tile or wood floors throughout your home. But if you have pets, this rug choice is a no-go! Pet hair and dirt can easily get trapped in the fibers and crevices of the rug, which can be very hard to remove with a standard vacuum, so you’ll have to enlist the help of professional rug cleaners in Fort Smith, AR.

 Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs can be delicate and should be placed in areas where there is little foot traffic. With pets running around your home, a vintage rug could easily get torn or worn down. If you have puppies or kittens, you’ll likely want to put away your cherished vintage rug to protect it until your pets are older.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Fort Smith, AR

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