It’s almost Halloween! What helps make this time of year so special is all the pumpkin-flavored sweets and creative costumes. But, don’t let “spooky” germs and bacteria get in the way of you and your family having fun this season! You may be frightened to find how the most common items you touch—from the kitchen to your couch —are actually crawling with dangerous contaminants!

1. Cell Phones & Electronic

Did you know that your phone is likely the dirtiest item in your home? On average, cell phones have more germs per square inch than a public toilet seat and studies have shown that 16% of phones have E. Coli bacteria on them along with other contaminants. Make sure you regularly wipe down your phone and other devices (remotes, game controllers, keyboards, etc.) with a disinfectant wipe.

7.  Couch 

Our families and pets lounge on our couches every day. Yet surprisingly, the couch is one of the least cleaned items in our homes. We might spot cleans small stains on our couch, but rarely do people remember to deep clean their couches. Upholstery can help filter the air in our home, but that means all that dust, dirt, and grime build up in the fibers. The average sofa is filled with harmful allergens and bacteria that a professional upholstery cleaning in Fort Smith can get rid of!

2. Doorknobs 

You and your family touch doorknobs multiple times a day, so it’s no wonder why they get so dirty! Bacteria can stay alive on these metal surfaces for up to 8 hours, so it’s important to clean your doorknobs with a disinfectant every few days.

3. Microwave 

The inside of your microwave contains so much grease and oil from the many foods you have heated up over time. And the outside of your microwave, particularly the touchpad, holds a ton of bacteria from your fingers. Make sure to use soap and water to clean your microwave weekly.

4. Trash Can 

Your trash can is inevitably one of the dirtiest items in your home — it does hold all of your trash! Every month,  wipe down the inside and outside of your trash can to keep it free from bacteria. Be sure to use high-quality trash can liners or bags that effectively contain liquids and other materials that may spill.

5. Ice Cube Tray

If you’re like us, you use an ice cube tray every day to keep your drinks cold and refreshing. But, your ice cube tray gets dirty just like any other handy kitchen tool. You should run your trays through the dishwasher about every month. If you have a silicone tray, clean it with a vinegar and warm water soak.

6. Tile 

The tile surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom may appear to stay clean with simple mopping or scrubbing every month. However, this method does not get rid of bacteria and grime that is hidden in your grout and the pores of the tile. The best way to effectively deep-clean your tile is to have an expert clean it with their powerful equipment. At Elmer’s Chem-Dry, we offer professional tile cleaning in Fort Smith that removes 98.6% of bacteria from tile, stone, and grout.* 

8. Shower Curtain 

If your shower curtain isn’t washed for a long time, mold and mildew can begin to grow in places where the curtain folds in on itself. We recommend putting your shower curtain in the washing machine every month or so.

9. Vacuum Filter 

You are probably already aware of how dirty your vacuum filter gets, but are you actually cleaning it? Many people only clean out the vacuum collector and don’t even touch the filter. Each vacuum model is unique, so check the model’s instructions on how to clean or replace the filter.

10 spooky things you touch everyday that need to be cleaned10. Carpets

While vacuuming your carpets once or twice a week helps keep the plushness and freshness of your carpet, your carpet needs to be deep-cleaned to extract all the bacteria and contaminants embedded in the carpet’s fibers. Most carpet manufacturer’s warranty advises that you must have your carpets cleaned once every 12 to 18 months. However, if you have kids or pets, your carpets need about twice a year.

Elmer’s Chem-Dry offers affordable and effective carpet cleaning in Roland, OK as well as Fort Smith, Barling, and surrounding areas in AR. Our carpet cleaning service removes 98.1% of allergens* (pet dander and dust allergens) and 89% of airborne bacteria* in the home.*

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