It’s that time of year! While the leaves are falling and the weather is getting chilly, you’re busy preparing for this upcoming holiday season. With all the delicious meal planning and schedule coordinating, it’s easy to forget about a crucial part of preparing your home for guests- area rug cleaning!

Benefits of Pre-Holiday Area Rug Cleaning

It’s important to prep your home for holidays to make your guests feel welcome, but be sure to prepare your area rug for the party! Here are 4 reasons why you should have your area rugs professionally cleaned before this holiday season.

1. Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Area Rug

Over time, area rugs get dirty and worn down especially if they are located in rooms with a lot of foot traffic. Fortunately, a professional area rug cleaning can gently eliminate dirt and stains while restoring your rug to its original vibrant color. With a professional area rug cleaning, your area rug can look and feel like new!

2. Maintain A Healthier Environment

Area rugs can get dirty with contaminants like bacteria, allergens, and dust. These particles get released into the air and can be inhaled by your family and guests when they are sitting on the rug or even just walking on it. At Elmer’s Chem-Dry, we can remove these contaminants and improve the air quality of your home. To create a healthier environment for you and your holiday visitors, you should get an area rug cleaning!

3. Avoid Future Stains

You may be thinking that it’s better to wait until after the holidays to clean your area rugs, but there’s a major benefit to getting them cleaned prior to having your guests over. When used with your area rug cleaning, Chem-Dry Stain Protectant makes your area rugs more resilient and protects them against the many spills, stains, and soiling that will happen during the holiday season.

4. Save Money

Area rugs aren’t cheap, but their unique beauty is worth the price!  No one wants to replace an area rug at the end of the holidays, so be sure to get it cleaned beforehand. You can save more money in the long run by getting your carpet cleaned now instead of replacing it later!

Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Fort Smith, AR

Let Elmer’s Chem-Dry relieve some of the holiday stress with our professional area rug cleaning! We can help your area rugs look like new and make your home a healthier place for your holiday visitors. We clean with care and use specialized equipment designed specifically for area rug cleaning. You can trust us to handle anything from your carpets, rugs, or tile- just take a look at our reviews!

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