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Guidelines On How To Effectively Maintain High Traffic Carpeted Areas

Jun 1, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

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In order to keep your carpet looking nice, it requires routine cleaning, particularly in high-traffic areas. Without proper maintenance, these areas can get worn down, become uneven and need to be replaced earlier than you thought. By following our maintenance recommendations, you can effectively uphold the condition of your high-traffic carpeted areas, extend their longevity, and promote a cleaner and more comfortable living environment. It’s common knowledge that carpeting in your home enhances both the comfort and resilience of your living space.

Professional and efficient carpet cleaning can help protect your investment by refreshing high-traffic areas, give your carpets a more even appearance, and extend their lifespan. Consider a deep carpet cleaning and get in touch with Elmer’s Chem-Dry to keep your carpets looking their best and lasting longer.

Understanding which areas in your home are high-traffic

The high-traffic areas of your carpet that require extra attention depend on the patterns of use in your home and the presence of children and pets. These areas often show signs of wear such as dark spots, gray lanes, flattened or matted fibers, or a contrast in color and texture near the walls versus the middle of the area. If you notice these signs, professional carpet cleaning may be necessary to prevent permanent unevenness. High-traffic areas often include hallways, stairwells, in front of couches and beds, in front of closet doors, and children and pet play areas.

How to help preserve carpeted areas that experience high foot traffic:

  1. Regular vacuuming: Vacuuming is essential for eliminating dirt, debris, and allergens from your carpet. Pay close attention to high-traffic zones and vacuum at least twice a week to prevent deep-seated dirt buildup.
  2. Promptly address stains: Accidents happen, and stains are inevitable in areas with heavy foot traffic. It’s crucial to attend to stains immediately to prevent them from setting. Blot the stain gently with a clean cloth or paper towel and use an appropriate carpet stain remover following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Utilize entryway mats: Place durable mats or rugs at entrances to high-traffic carpeted areas. These can effectively trap dirt and moisture, minimizing the amount tracked onto the carpet. Encourage people to wipe their shoes on the mats.
  4. Rotate furniture periodically: Moving heavy furniture periodically can prevent excessive wear and uneven compression of carpet fibers in high-traffic spots. This distributes the weight and reduces strain on specific areas.
  5. Incorporate carpet runners or area rugs: Consider using carpet runners or strategically positioned area rugs in heavily frequented sections. These provide additional protection, reducing wear and tear along specific pathways.
  6. Establish a “no shoes” policy: Encourage family members and guests to remove their shoes when entering your home or specific carpeted areas. Implementing this practice significantly reduces the amount of dirt and debris brought onto the carpet.
  7. Schedule professional Chem-Dry carpet cleaning: Regular professional deep cleaning is crucial to eliminate deeply embedded dirt, stains, and allergens from high-traffic carpeted areas. Plan to have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year, depending on usage levels.

How a deep carpet cleaning refreshes high-traffic areas

High-traffic areas of carpeting in your home do not have to look worn or damaged. Carpet cleaning can significantly improve the appearance by removing dirt and grime that has accumulated in the fibers. Our cleaning process also prevents soil from causing excess friction that can damage delicate carpet fibers. 

The Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process offered by Chem-Dry really helps restore the look and feel of overused carpets. This process does not use large amounts of water and your carpets dry within a few hours rather than days. It also uses carbonation and a detergent-free cleaning solution instead of harsh soaps so you don’t have to worry about residue attracting more dirt. 

For the best results, we recommend deep cleaning high-traffic carpet areas at least 1-2 times per year.

Carpet cleaning in Fort Smith

Are you ready to learn more about how deep carpet cleaning from Elmer’s Chem-Dry can make a difference for high-traffic areas in your home? Discover the power of our Hot Carbonating Extraction process today by calling (479) 646-8800 to get in touch with a Chem-Dry-technician in Fort Smith.

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